The Global Schools' Alliance currently has 15 schools as members including:


  • Muriel Summers, Principal, A.B. Combs Magnet Elementary School, Raleigh, USA

  • Mark Moorhouse, Headteacher, Matthew Moss High School, Rochsdale, UK

  • Natalie See, Principal, Hilltop Road Public School, Merrylands, AUS

  • Allan Kjær Andersen, Principal, Chaman Bhartiya School, Bangalore - former founding principal of Ørestad Gymnasium, Copenhagen, DNK - both member schools

  • Kyle Edwards, Acting Head of School, Vega Schools, Gurgaon, IND

  • Sandra Jenkins, Principal, Freemans Bay School, Auckland, NZ

  • Barbara Cavanagh, Principal, (now Huntley College, NZ) 

  • Larry Rosenstock, Founder and CEO, High Tech High, San Diego, USA

  • Jeffrey Holte, Learning Coordinator, Liger Learning Center, Phnomh Penh, Cambodia

  • Ni Putu Tirka Widanti (Ika), President, Yayasan Kul Kul (Green School), Bali, Indonesia

  • Sarah Martin, principal, Stonefields School, New Zealand

  • Lasse Reichstein, Hellerup School, Denmark

  • Margret Rasfeld, founder of Evangelischer Schule Berlin Centrum and Schulem im Aufbruch, Germany

  • Alissa Cheek, Tri-County Early College in North Carolina

GSA is led by Lene Jensby Lange, the founder of Autens Future Schools in Denmark, a consultancy specializing in third millennium learning, schools transformation and learning space design.


















Autens inspires and develops visionary futures with clients, creating momentum, ownership and courage to transform. Autens strongly believes in the power of how our schools and learning spaces are designed and works tirelessly to transform schools and higher educational facilities - both in content, pedagogy, student work, structure, interior design and architecture - into vibrant places learning suited for the needs of students in the 21st Century. 

Dr. Steven Edwards, a US-based educator with 40+ years' experience acts as an advisor to the Alliance.




















Dr. Edwards is the President and CEO of Edwards Educational Services, Inc. and CEO of and expert contributor to The National Principals Academy. During his years in the education sector, he helped create some of the most successful schools in the US and his teacher development program groomed superstar teachers for top rated schools throughout the country. In addition, he also served as an advisor to the White House, United Nations, and World Bank on educational issues.


The goal of Global Schools' Alliance is to ensure children experience a better quality of education no matter where they live. Our mission is to collaboratively raise the standards of education in countries worldwide by connecting with the most progressive schools to:


  • exchange research about how children learn and the newest ways to educate children

  • share teaching and learning methods that are proven best practices

  • continously develop member schools' teachers through rotating fellowships at other member schools' locations

  • create common projects between the schools that have a trans-national relevance

  • facilitate educational visits between members to understand diverse cultures and work ethics

  • evaluate, adopt, and share emerging technologies for learning.


Immersive techniques practiced by the GSA members resonate with many cultures' pedagogical wisdom and lend themselves to easy adaptation in any context. GSA knows that when exemplar schools join together to share best practices and research and are committed to each others' excellence, school leaders, teachers, and students benefit.