Head teacher:

Lasse Reichstein 


Dessaus Boulevard 10

2900 Hellerup







School for children of today, preparing for the world of tomorrow. Hellerup School is renowned for it's open learning hubs - home to 75-100 students and their team of teachers and pedagogues. The school is an all-though school from age 6 to 16. Up until 3rd grade the school has an integrated club where pedagogues / social educators work with children to both support friendships as well as active and creative play indoors and outdoors. 

Personalized learning is at the heart of Hellerup School where students can learn in a variety of ways suited to them. The school places particular emphasis on 21st century skills and learning through authentic projects. 

Lasse Reichstein, head teacher

Lasse Reichstein joined Hellerup Skole in 2015 and is taking the school to a new level in collaboration with staff and students. 

To follow...


To follow...

Hellerup School

Public school in Gentofte, Denmark

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