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Allan Kjær Andersen, Principal

Allan Kjær Andersen is the founding principal of Chaman Bhartiya School 


Mr. Andersen founded the renowned Ørestad Gymnasium in Denmark in 2005. He holds a Masters of Art in Danish Language and Literature from University of Southern Denmark in Odense, a Masters of Art in History from Roskilde University, and a Masters of Public Administration from Copenhagen Business School, University in Frederiksberg.  


He has an extensive background, knowledge, and experience in teaching as well as school leadership and has been the principal of several other schools prior to joining Ørestad Gymnasium which launched his global career.


Mr. Andersen is the key figure in defining and outlining the school's pedagogical approach of student-activated teaching in open-space classrooms, the school's media profile, and the decision to be a 100% digitalized school with ICT-based teaching. His ultimate goal is for students to become active learners with the skills and awareness to transform knowledge into action, as engaged members of society.


Contact Principal Andersen by email: aka(at)chamanbhartiya(dot)dk

Follow him on Twitter: @allankjaer

School Programs

Globale Gymnasier (Global Gymnasiums)

A network of 14 Danish gymnasiums across the country focus on globalization and seek to educate and inspire teachers and students to use the world around them as their classroom. In 2014 Ørestad Gymnasium hosted the "Global Educator Conference" where educaters and students from the Globale Gymnasier network, together with international guests, participated in seminars and workshops about globalization and citizenship.


Read more here (in Danish):

AVITAE (A Virtual Intertextual Tour

across Ancient Entrepreneurship)

AVITAE is a project under the European Union program Erasmus+ where teachers and students from participating schools in seven countries explore the entrpreneurial tendencies in Europe, from past to present. The goal is to create innovation with inspiration from the cultural heritage of the participating countries. The students make different products such as a newspaper, cookbook, and films based on their findings. The program furthers cooperation and friendships between the students of the participating schools and includes travel opportunities. 

Karrierefokus (Career Focus)

Ørestad Gymnasium is the initiator of this project, aiming to make students more competent and motivated to choose higher education after high school. Seventeen gymnasiums (secondary schools), three centers of higher education, and the Center of Youth Research (CeFU) participate in the project, which is supported by the capital municipality. 


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