The Global Schools' Alliance is an exclusive coalition of top notch schools from around the world and provides progressive schools an opportunity to connect with like-minded schools globally. Members are invited to reach out for advice, support, and peer critique to sustain the innovative child-centered edge. The GSA holds the promise of a truly global school with unique access points throughout the world for students, faculty, and stakeholders and continues to explore its potential as its grows.

The Alliance has grown organically and membership is by invitation only. It is important to us that members are truly student-centric with a focus on different styles and strategies of learning that goes beyond words and manifests itself in the school's organization, curriculum development, and even building design. Being a member also indicates a willingness to share and learn from the continued and collective improvement of all members. 

As a group we are able to offer exceptional opportunities for professional development to improve teacher quality and raise student achievement. It also showcases best practices from schools around the world and gives members a platform to connect with a wide variety of schools - both GSA members and visitors - which can lead to a rich exchange of support and training opportunities.

This coming year we will be focussing on consolidating our mutual work and will not be expanding with new members at this point. It is important to us that we stay small, allowing for a tight-knit community based on personal relations. However we are always keen to learn of like-minded schools and connect in other meaningful ways.

Tapping Global Resources

Member schools and their students have wide access to the best universities, corporations, acclaimed thought leaders, international networks of school leaders, educationists, advisors, and other stakeholders.


The GSA supports teachers with a multitude of professional development opportunities, including international workshops and teaching fellowships amongst our tribe of schools around the world.


Faculty can also use professional development materials to model the behaviors the Alliance espouses in our commitment to global competency and world citizenship.


The Alliance's goal is to connect students with their peers from other member schools to encourage trans-national projects and international collaborations. They will work together and present their findings to real world, authentic audiences. Teachers will co-plan these projects in collaboration with their international counterparts. This is intended to give students firsthand knowledge of different cultures and traditions around the world. Traditional values and standards are also explored to introduce global sensitivities and attitudes to the learning process.


Members are also encouraged to share their students' work outside of their local communities and with the greater Alliance because we believe that the final proof of a school's performance is in the quality of work done by the students throughout their school years. This work correlates strongly with high standard test scores and college admission rates while mere scores and rankings without real world work may not accurately predict later success.


The GSA can also help pair students with internships and other opportunities in the regions where our member schools operate.