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About Sandy Hooda


Sandy Hooda is a graduate (B.Com Hons) from Shriram College of Commerce, Delhi University. He also has graduate credits in international business from Harvard University.

Sandy Hooda is a first generation entrepreneur who took a mid-career sabbatical. During his
sabbatical he studied and researched a variety of subjects such as progressive education, philosophy, psychology, self-discovery, discovering passions and strengths, sports psychology, meditation and biographies of some of the world’s great thinkers.

hissabbatical Sandytravelled around the world and visited a large number of schools. Amongst variousschools he discovered progressive and game-changing schools such as High Tech High-USA, The Bank Street School-USA, AB Combs-USA, Matthew Moss-UK, Hellerup-Denmark, and many others. 

Sandy Hooda also met with some of the most progressive and leading minds in education, many of whom were behind creating these progressive schools. Educators like Larry Rosenstock, David Price OBE, Andy Raymer, Lene Jensby Langhe and Steve Edwards who are considered to be agents of change in the field of progressive education. Sandy Hooda, along withsome these educators co-created the Global Schools Alliance ( which is an alliance of some of the most progressive schools in the world. For the first time, progressive schools have come together to create a platform to share ideas and education best practices. A platform where students and teachers work together both virtually and by visiting each other’s schools.

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